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Happy New Year 2014 from the AT Center Board

The AT Center Becomes Smoke Free
Effective January 1, 2014

After much discussion and debate, beginning January 1st, 2014, the AT Center will become smoke free. Current laws require that smoking, if permitted, be at least 20 feet from the building and all paths of entry or exit.  Our current smoking area is non-compliant.  Sadly for the smokers among us, the cost of creating a smoking area on another part of the property that is accessible, covered and safe would cost over $15,000.  If we spent to build such an area by the far corner of the garden and parking lot, even then it may not be allowable as it would be too close to the public sidewalks.

Since this is huge change for everyone, please be kind during the transition.  We are part of a residential neighborhood and we must request that everyone not smoke or congregate in front of the center on Griffith Park Blvd.  If someone really wants to smoke, the only possible place would be outside the parking lot gate by Fountain Avenue. We hope that everyone will adopt a healthy view of this important change.


Thank you,

AT Center Board of Directors

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